Sunday, February 29, 2004
Man, I don't know what happened to me.

I sank into a real state of depression, where I'd just lie in bed really late, unless I couldn't avoid it. I guess Susan (Or Miss S, as I'm now to call her.) really got to me. She just openly told me that we could no longer be friends.

Anyway, many things have happened in the whole month of absense.

Miss S and myself have come to terms with everything, and are friends again, abeit, not as close.

I've become more social, which is a great thing. I've been going out more with people from work, and now get many text messages on my Moble/Cell Phone than I used to. I've been invited to a Dungeons and Dragons game, which I am attending, being the big nerd I am.

I applied, and got accepted for, a Credit Card, which means that I can buy whatever I want off the Internet. Also, it means that I don't have to run like crazy to the bank everytime I want to buy something.

We've a holiday booked for April, where we are going to Mexico. I think 'Cancun', if I got that right? It's a really posh hotel, all inclusive, which is going to be awesome. I'll get to go Windsurfing and other assorted stuff that's impossible in the UK. I've recently had my Holiday Injections: One in each arm. At the same time. Both my arms still ache after two days.

... Actually, that's about it. Hmmmm... Not much has happened after all. It seems a lot in the long run.

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