Thursday, January 08, 2004
It's mah Birthday!
Darn Tootin'!

18 years... I feel so old...

However, I did get a very nice Birthday card/Chocolate from my friend in Portsmouth. It's my character, Solorfrog!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Not only did I sort out the DVD-RW, but I also sorted out a little problem.

This morning, the rubber earpiece fell off my earphones, just as I was about to get into my friends car to College. I couldn't find it anywhere, and it hadn't fallen in the car. Even though it pissed me off, I had no choice but to leave it behind. I wasn't in a very good mood all the rest of the day.

When I got back home, I decided to try a search and rescue, which I attempted for 10 minutes, but by that time, I had accepted that it had gone.

Sulking I crossed the road, and put my hands into my coat pockets. A second later, I stopped and pulled out my hand, which was holding the rubber earpiece! How it survived all day in my coat pocket, I'll never know... How it got in there in the first place, I'll never know!

Unfortunatly, Nero 6 download (From the official Nero site!) didn't accept the serial code I generated... I might have to buy it.


Tuesday, January 06, 2004
DVD-RW Related Headaches...
Yesterday, I got my DVD-RW. I picked it up from the shop, the guy showed me how to install it, and I was really excited.

In my haste, I had forgotton the one important thing. Let me give you some background information. I bought the OEM version, not the Retail version. The difference? One comes with a box and some software. The reason I didn't get the Retail version, was because I can easily get the software... In a... Perfectly Legal way..., and also, to save £22.

What did I forget? The screws.

Today, I went back and they were kind enough to give them me free of charge. I also bought some actual blank DVD-R's. However, I've still not set it up. Why? Because the cable inside my PC isn't long enough. So, we've got to go back tommorrow, to find out what they can do about it. Arg!

Sunday, January 04, 2004
Kick Ass Day!
1) I became an Admin at a message board I've hung out at for about 2 years. Sweetness!

2) General, all round feeling of awesomeness.

3) My early birthday party was today, instead of Thursday. (My actual Birthday!) T'was a blast.

First off, I got to the bar (Meeting place) about 20 minutes early, so instead of going in, I stood outside, looking over the Dome of the Trafford Centre. About 30 seconds later, a guy called Paul came over and said "You said the Bar, not the Dome!"

That was a nice supprise, because there were 2 people there, who were going to come, then a few more people joined, then Susan and Nakisa came, so there were eight of us. After dawdling around, we finally decided to go to Dexter's Bar And Grill, which weren't even the original choise, but only because I didn't want to copy the last birthday party. Everyone said that it didn't matter, so off we went.

I had Barbeque Ribs again, 'cause they were delicious, and me and Susan shared the barbeque sauce. Picking up the bill, we noticed that there was an additional £9.95 added on, for 'Serv. Bill' at 12.5% or something. We enquired, and it turns out that that's just a suggested tip, even though they add it onto the actual total bill. Probably to sucker people out of money. We left £5.

Next up, bowling! We all got a free person, because we work at the Cinema, so that ruled. Unfortunatly, some guy who came called Chris buggered up the scoreboard in two ways.

1) He did all the names, gave himself a cool nickname, and put everyone else's normal name in. I mean, what the hell kind of scoreboard is it without "Poo" and "Ass"!

("Are 'Poo' and 'Ass' taken?" "Yup!" "Damnit!")

2) He put a guy called Lee's name in twice. Near the end of the game, because we had more players than we paid for, it cut off at the eighth bowl. The game became invalid, and Chris did not win. Eat that Chris!

After bowling, we decided not to go to the original pub, because it kinda sucks, so we went to a place called the Swinging Bridge, which is a walk away from the Centre. Before we went outside, Nakisa wanted to get her jacket from work, because it was frikkin' freezing, but it was a bit of a walk away, so I kindly gave up my jacket. I regretted that! We were almost there and I could feel the warmth from the place... But we saw a big notice saying "Closed for un-foreseen reasons."

So that meant, we had to walk all the way back. Me with no jacket was going crazy. We ended up in a Bar/Restaurant place, where we met up with more people who finished work at 10.00pm, and had a laugh doing a film quiz on a machine. We didn't win any money at all! We work at a frikkin' Cinema, and didn't win any money!?

After that place closed, (At 11.00pm on a Saturday?!) we went back to the original venue, but lost some members of our party, including Susan and Nakisa. Susan went home with the card she bought me, because I asked her to keep it safe. I gotta try and get that back sometime.

Anyway, at this new place, me and Lee had a really long, and detailed disscusion about Susan, because she liked him, and he kinda liked her, they went out, kissed once, and she won't talk to him now. Crazy. I was just explaining my feelings. We both think she's complicated.

That's pretty much my day, except for the last bit, as we were going for a Taxi, I was sharing with Michelle, who went to the Toilet. She came running out and told us that there were 3 girls in there talking about not eating meat, because it's "Wrong", and before she left, she shouted "Anyone want a pork sandwhich?" Had me in stitches.

In conclusion, it was a Kick Ass Day. More people turned up than I had anticipated, which was cool, and we all had a laugh.

Finally, best bit of the night was the photos. Some are blurred, some are ok, but the best one is this one. By far. I look like a bit of a freak on it, but it's really nice. My favourite picture.

Me and Susan.

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