Friday, January 02, 2004
Annoyances and Joyfulness.
Several different emotions were felt yesterday.

Joy: definitely getting a DVD-RW for my birthday.
Happiness: People are coming to my "Big, Non Commercialised, Happy Birthday Party Type-Thingy!"
Aggravation: Having this guy ask if he could get into a movie, that was sold out, for 10 freakin' minutes.
Aggravated Stress: When the same guy came back and tried again.
I Wanna Kill Someone: When the same guy spoke to a Manager and aggravated her for 20 minutes about it.
Overwhelming Joy: Susan showed me that she was wearing the necklace I bought her for Christmas, and one of the Projectionists who's friends with her, told me that she's never taken it off.

As you can see, I had a mixed day.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Susan sent me a text message today, saying that her Ex-Boyfriend, Jon, had told her to sleep with me. She also put the words "On the positive side" before saying it as well. I probably would have had a nosebleed right there and then, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd already had one, eariler in the day.


Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Birthday Preparations...
Well, with my Birthday being less than two weeks away, I've vaguely started planning what I'm going to do.

One thing I'm definitely doing, is inviting people. I mean, wouldn't be much a party without people, right? I've not asked many, (Four to be precise.) but I'm going to put up some kind of poster at work. Another obvious thing I'm doing is going for a meal. Where is the problem. It's either going to be:

Tampopo: A Japanese restaurant, because Japan fancinates me. Probably why I like Animé and Manga so much. I'd just like to try their cuisine sometime, and this seems like a good chance. Thing is, it's an Eastern restaurant, so not much Japanese stuff. I'll take another look at the menu, before I decide.

Pizza Hut: Because you just can't beat Pizza Hut.

For presents, I've actually asked for a DVD-RW this time, so hopefully, I will get it.

As for recently, I wanted to kill someone on Saturday. I've not been that stressed out for a long time. It started with a routine Christmas tradition of going out to the Christmas Sales with my cousin. Thing is, I can't really stand being around him for long periods, because he's so annoying, therefore, it becomes a chore before we even get to the bus-stop. Things that made me boil were:

In GAME, (Game shop) he was looking at The Simpsons: Hit And Run game, on the PlayStation2, and trying to decide if he wanted to buy it or not. I kept saying "Rent it out if you're not sure." but he wouldn't listen. After about 10 minutes, he decided "To rent it out when he got home."

Another was in HMV. He was looking at Only Fools And Horses DVD's in the sale, trying to find the one he wanted. I told him to look in the actual comedy section, rather than just the big stand at the front of the shop. He replied "But they won't be in the sale, will they?" Almost everything was in the god-damned sale.

The last one, was when we were sat down, and I wanted a drink. I told him to wait there while I went in WHSmith and got a bottle of Fanta. When I returned, he'd gone. Rolling my eyes, I looked around. He was in WHSmith, waiting for me.

After I got home, I slapped Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, which I had bought in the sales, into my Gamecube, and just about to press the power button, when my parents come in with a new VCR they bought, since the old one was playing up. Guess who had to set that up? Me. I set it to auto tune, then left. I got called down to see it through because they couldn't follow simple instructions such as "Press the left arrow key to set the channel to the right station."

I ended up slamming doors, and stamping around. I shut myself off for the remainder of the day. I was not happy at all.

I also seemed to have developed a cold. Joy.

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