Friday, December 26, 2003
Merry Christmas!
Well, the big day finally arrived... For some. Actually, Christmas crept up on me this year.

Having not been able to sleep properly all night (For some bizzare reason) my alarm woke me up at 8.00am. I struggled for 5 minutes to try and turn it off in the dark, but when I finally did, I suddenly realised that I never set it. After sitting there for a few minutes in a half-groggy state, I realised what must have happened. I've had my alarm set to wake me up for College, but since Friday, I've not needed it/Had really late nights, so I've been sleeping through it. Anyway, that aside, I woke up my parents (Who were not happy to say the least.) and went downstairs to open my presents.

Unfortunatly, life got one up on me. Let me explain.

For the whole month of December, my parents have been asking what I want, and for the whole month of December, I've not been able to give a straight answer. Eventually, I thought of a gift they could get me. A DVD-RW. No paticular reason, but it's something that could be very handy with my friends Digital Video Camera. (Crappy Home Movies anyone?) I left subtle hints around the house every now and again (As if you call random printouts of DVD-RW prices off the 'Net 'Subtle'.) but never actually said "Get me this."

You can imagine my joy, when I opened the giant bag with all my presents in, to reveal a box, which was roughly the same size and weight as a DVD-RW box, so I saved that untill last. In turn, I recieved The Simpsons Christmas Special DVD, a Dancing Santa Homer figure, the Neverwinter Nights expansion pack (Hoards of the Underdark!) from my friend, Lots of Skittles (If I drank beer, I'd have made Skittlebrau! (Google Search it)) and some *Cough* new underwear.

And so, I grasp the package in my grubby mitts. The moment comes. I tear off the paper frantically to reveal non other than a Deodrant and Shower gel box set. The grin dropped, but I managed to contain a small smile, as I thanked my parents and added them to my already impressive collection (Which might I add, were not Christmas presents).

So, I sulkily wandered up stairs, slightly disapointed that I wasn't going to be attacking my system with a screwdriver and zero knowledge of what to do, but I powered it up, and inserted the Neverwinter Nights disc and installed. I played for a while, then decided to find someone online.

"Cannot connect to Gamespy. Some features are unavailable."

I totally forgot about my online gaming situation. Ever since I stuck in that Network Card, I have not been able to play games online anymore. Not wanting life to gain another point on it's Christmas Score Card, I surfed to and checked the FAQ. Apparantly, you need certain ports open.

Opening Microsoft Help, I found out how to do it, and somehow did it. In your face life! Now I can play Halo again!

The rest of the day consisted of eating, playing Halo online, and watching Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Hall DVD. He's hilarious.

Another note I ought to cover, is that I got a lovely new pen off Susan. One that records sounds! She knows me too well. (Me + Gadgets = YAY!) Unfortunatly, I cannot work out how the hell you get the nib out. I've tried everything! I also recieved a text message from her, thanking me for the gorgeous necklace, and wishing me a Merry Christmas. I told her I'd hug her next time I saw her.

So, despite my lack of DVD-RW, it's been a pretty great day! Besides, only 14 days untill my 18th birthday, so maybe I can get it then. This time, I'm asking for it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Something was wrong yesterday. It's not a bad thing, it just... Didn't feel the same. Must have been the Christmas Spirit.

First off, I wasn't really annoyed that the bus came early, and that I had to run down the road to make it in time, and I wasn't annoyed by the fact that I spent what little I had in my Bank Balance to get some more money for my Mobile Phone (Or 'Cell') and some new colour ink for my Printer. That was supprissing. I mean, my Bank is at an all-new low. I've never been this low in 2 freakin' years. For those wondering, I have £30. £30! That's less than 10 hours work! Like 8 hours or something! I'm usually around the £100 - £150 mark. Anyway, I went up to work, where I found Susan in the staff room talking to a projectionist, Dawn. Anyway, she just threw this Christmas card at me and said "That's for Millie's. It needs writing."

Millie's is a cookie shop, which was our first job. We met each other there, and made friends, then the Managers changed and our shop got an asshole. He upset her loads, she quit, and I found the Cinema job and told her about it. We both got the job, and I left Millie's (Thank God.) and we're now very happy.

Anyway, I wrote "To Millie's, Merry Christmas, from the two best damned employee's to ever work there, James and Susan." We took it down to the mini kiosk near the Cinema and spoke to one of our old friends for a bit.

After that, I gave her the present I got her. First thing she did was rattle it. I almost gave the whole damn thing away by saying "You can shake it all day long, but that necklace 'ain't gonna rattle." Luckily, I managed to stop myself and replace "that necklace" with "it". Phew! She also gave me hers. Now, I'm not one for prodding presents (Much) but this one I was curious about. I didn't let it fully get to me until later, when I was at home.

Back to work, after serving many people and toiling away, it came to finishing time, and we all eagerly went down to the Bar, to get the minibus home. Buzz! Wrong! The minibus has gone, and has been replaced by this minivan, which is smaller. Now the bus has to take some people home, then come back for the rest. Unfortunately, me and Susan were on the second trip, and since we didn't feel like waiting an hour for the bus to come back, we decided to take a taxi instead.

I learned a lot of things in the taxi ride home last night. First off, Mr. Asshole as I call him, or as he's know to everyone else, 'Susan's Ex Boyfriend Who Works At The Cinema, Who Wants Her Back' hasn't bought her a Christmas present, or card, because he didn't get one. So much for 'But I Still Love You!' Secondly, she's reverting back to her posh-ish accent, which sounds super sexy. Thirdly, I'm not so much of a chicken as I thought.

What? How did you find that out, I hear you say? Because I kissed her. Nothing fancy, just a kiss on the cheek when she was hugging me goodbye, but still... That's an accomplishment for a nerd like me!

Anyway, at home, her present was bugging me. After carefully examining it, I came to the conclusion that there were several "Peep Spots", where the paper wasn't quite tight enough. Taking a sly peek, I discovered...

Nothing. That present is bomb proof.

When you look down the Peep Spots, there's either a stretch of paper, or it's a fold of paper! My God, she knows how to wrap presents. Looks like I'll have to find tomorrowrrow...

I'm A Really Sad, Sonic Nerd.
So I just finished watching the new Sonic X episode. Man, did that ever rock. I mean, seeing Sonic and Shadow go super was awesome enough, but to see them kick some Biolizard ass was even better.

When I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. It did.

Picture the scene: Bam! The Ark is falling to Earth. The Biolizard has just been defeated, and the only thing bring the Ark to Earth is Gravity. The Atmospheric flames are engulfing the massive Space Station, when Sonic and Shadow appear in front of it, both still Super after beating the Biolizard. Each of them spreads out their arms. They're gonna catch it. The flames are making them cringe, but they stick with it. You already know they save the Earth - you've seen it in the game. You've lived it in the game, but it's still making you go tingly. Shouts of Support come over the Intercom from Tails, Amy, Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles and finally, Chris. Chris' cries awaken Shadows lost memory of Maria. In a final flashback, he sees Maria telling him her final wish. For the people of Earth to be happy. He breathes a breath, before announcing in Japanese:

"Bokkun a Shadow... Shadow Za Hedghog-Za!"

His armlets break off, the theme of Sonic Adventure 2 (Live and Learn) starts playing, and he powers up tremendously. Sonic does the same. Two tiny lights in front of the massive Ark suddenly expand rapidly. Both Sonic and Shadow proclaim: "Chaos Control!"

The Ark is surrounded in light. A bright flash... And it's over. The Ark is moved through Space and Time, back in Orbit.

Live and Learn finishes as Shadow is relaying his final words to Maria... And it's over...

Damn, that episode was the best.

Yeah, I'm a Sonic nerd, so what?

Monday, December 22, 2003
Bored of the Rings.
Seriously, what is the fuss about the third part of a trilogy on a book, that's been around for decades? Seriously. I had the day off College on the first day of release, but did I run to the Cinema and look gleefully at my ticket for the first showing ever? No. I was alseep. In bed. In fact, I was having a lot more fun sleeping, than sitting there, watching a bunch of people with shoes on their knees, trying to be dwarfs.

I mean come on! All those people whispering excitedly "Ooooh... I wonder how they end it?" Go buy the book! It's right there, on the shelf! The best thing is, not only will you have saved ticket money, you'll also think twice about buying the DVD, because the book was so crap!

And now on to the other people. The ones who say "I wanna see how they portray the ending, where Gollumn bites off Frodo's finger, but falls into the fires of Mt Doom anyway, with the ring."

You know what's going to happen already, you moron!

Now to combat all the people who are telling me that they only watch it for the fighting. Big whoop if they have armies that stretch across the horizon, because all you care about is seeing Auragon kick ass. Who cares about the rest of the army!

One final thing: You just know, that somewhere in the near future, they're going to screw it over completely, by releasing something like "The Lord Of The Rings 2: The Return Of Sauron!"

Oh no! The return of corperate bastards who won't let something profitable die! Noooooo!

I mean, Jesus Christ, how obsessed can people be over a film? At least the Matrix had something to be obsessed over. You know, all the philosophical questions and stuff. This is just crap.

Oh, and before anyone starts saying stuff like "U jus flam3 et cos u ant sen it." Well, let me tell you something. I've read half the book, closed it, and locked it away in a cupboard where no-one can ever find that atrocity ever again. And before anyone else says "You'll like the film even if you didn't like the book."

Wrong. If I like something, I like it. I never read or saw any Harry Potters, and I know for a fact that I hate Harry Potter, with a passion. I mean, come on... Hogwarts?! What the hell is that?! Is that suppost to be scary or something?!

When I first saw adverts for the Titanic movie, with Leonardo D'Caprio and Whats-Her-Face... Kate Winslet, I knew that I would hate it. In fact, I did see that movie on video... And yes, I hated it. It sucked ass.

"I'm flying Jack!"


So, in conclusion, LotR: RotK sucks ass. Now if you don't mind, I have to go and clean out the shit you left behind while watching this pile of crap.

~ This has been a rant by the Crap Movie Alert section of Solor's brain.

In other news, I've been toying with a new layout, but it's kinda coming along slowly, because of lots of little problems. Ah well.

Christmas shopping has been fun, as always, but the hard part is wrapping. I cannot wrap for my life. Ah well, the paper doesn't stay on long anyway. I have no idea what I'm getting, besides probably money, because I didn't ask for anything. The only thing I would have wanted was Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD, but I went and gave in to Peer Presure on the first day it came out and bought it myself. I needed a new mp3 player, because my Game Boy Advance one was crap, so did I wait? No. £100, straight away. At least this one doesn't freeze up while listening or anything.

In other Christmasy news, I got sent some Animé from my friend who's at University in Cornwall, and it seems she made a Solorfrog plushie. (Solorfrog is my 'Net Character's name.) It rules. Period. I payed her back with some of my own Animé, and a Sonic X Tail's Plushie.

That's pretty much a good summary for all the time I missed updating. I'll try and get some more updates typed up, but nothing interesting is happening lately. Untill next time!

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