Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Yesterday I woke up, went to college, yadda yadda yadda, same old Tuesday morning, except for the fact that my friend told me, The Bacon Story. Man that was great...

He works at a mini supermarket type place, and this guy came over to the till and bought some Microwavable Bacon. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. He then went on to say it's the best bacon ever. Again, the man loves Bacon, so what? Well, he also went on to say about how long you should cook Bacon in a microwave for. 3 minutes, and it's too soft. 4 minutes is just right, but 5 minutes, that's burnt. After he left, my friend had... Hmmm... About 60,000 different combinations of words to make into a single sentence, relevant to that paticular event. He chose the words:

Well, he saved your bacon!


After we finished college, we went to the Precinct, where my friend left his bag with his Mother at the bank to store in the vault, and we headed off to the bus stop to wait for a bus to town. I wanted Mario and Luigi and my friend needed a new pair of earphones for his CD player, after the others... Well... Got decimated somehow.

Anyway, we just missed the bus, by about 10 steps, so that pissed us off, but we waited for the next one, when some guy (Who obviously had something wrong with him. *Taps head*) came and asked us if the bus had gone. We just replied "Yes", thus ending the conversation. Or so we thought. -_-;

The guy then went on to ask us which bus we were getting, then on to where we were going, then on to ask if we were from around here, then on to "Are you brothers?" (No.) Then onto "Do you have a job?" Then onto "Do you have girlfriends?" Then on to "Where do you live?" (Which we just said "Over there." and pointed to a random direction.)

This guy gave us the creeps, and weren't sure if he was just trying to be friendly, or... Something else, so we made up everything. We made up jobs, girlfriends, houses, and all the rest. Then, to cut it off, my friend just said "Oh hey! You wanted to look in Woolworths, didn't you? *Nudge nudge*" To which I replied, "Oh yeah!" and we walked off. Better to miss the bus than get stuck with him. Anyway, we did look in there, for a brief second, then we went back, to see the bus. Luckily, we saw him get on, and there was another right behind it, so we got that one instead.

Bus there was uneventful.

When we got there, my friend checked HMV for a DVD version of the film "Grumpy Old Men". (Up yours, Gustafson! :P Classic film.) I checked out the Animé while I was there too. Bingo Bango! Excel Saga DVD 4. Bought there and then. We then went to GAME and got my Mario and Luigi (Excellent game!) and headed to Forbidden Planet. Not much there at all. No good Animé comics, no Magic Ruler cards or anything. Didn't buy anything. Anyway, my friend went for a KFC, and as he was eating it, a pidgeon flew by. That might not sound strange at a first glance, but bear in mind that we are indoors here. Anyway, I just put on a shifty glance and said "You know... That pidgeon looks a lot like your dinner..." to which I got the reply "Shutuuuuup..."

I then went on to comment on how much the sauce stuff on his Twister meal looked suspiciously like Bird Crap. :P

Anyway, we went home after that, and as we were getting on the bus, who also gets on? Susan and her friend from college! So, we're talking to theuntilll we get off the bus.

After that, I gotta get ready for work, so I do so. When I go to get the bus, realizese I forgot my watch. Argh! I never leave home without my watch! Grumbling, I turn on my GBA MP3 player. No pen either. Damnit! Anyway, a short bus ride to work playing Mario and Luigi, and I'm there. I step off the bus... And what the hell? There are a LOAD oAsiansns there. So many, there must be something special. Someone told me in the staff room. It's Eede (Or however you spell it.)

It was swamped. The queues were that busy, I was worn out. Some Asians were being really nasty too. Mostly the groups of boys. I'm not saying all, because most were friendly, but when you get a group of Asian kids asking to see the Texas Chainsamassacrere, then refuse to give ID, then ask "Why are you being such a Bitch?"... That's just going to far. I wanted to say "Go away. I'm not serving you with that attitude." but I'm not actually sure we can do that. I'll have to find out. I also found out that I'forgottenon my name badge too. -_-;;

So anyway, that wasn't fun. The mini bus ride home was going the other way round, so I was almost last, but it was still fun talking to Susan, Michelle and Nakisa about stuff, and also, we just started making sexuainnuendosos up. It was funny. I also asked them if they wanted to Lesbian Kiss for our enjoyment, but they wouldn't. Damn. *Shot*

I got in at 11.45pm.

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