Saturday, November 22, 2003
So, I found out what was wrong with the Network Card. It wasn't pushed in all the way. After actually doing it, it gets detected! Hurrah!

Except that now the Driver's won't install. Great.

Friday, November 21, 2003
I've spent the last one and a half hours trying to fit a new Network Card, so that I can play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! online and it's not being picked up by the system!

I have no idea why not, but in the end, I just said "Screw it" and went downstairs to watch Excel Saga DVD's. I wasn't in the mood at all. I also had a screaming fit because I couldn't find my Scanner or WebCam software. There was no one in the house, thank God, but also thank God I don't have a swear jar.

I'll be slaving away tommorrow over this card, I know it...

How to Be A Dumbass - The George Bush Way.
Reporter: So, how do you feel about the people wanting you out of power?

Bush: Well, I fell that freedom is a beautiful thing... (Laughing) And I don't think they do.

... What the hell kind of answer was that?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Something was nagging me this morning as I left for college. I couldn't think what it was, but I knew I'd forgotten something, or forgotten to do something, but couldn't remember what. I still couldn't remember what it was as I got in my friend's car. I still couldn't remember while his mother drove us to the drop off point by her work. I still couldn't remember while we were walking to College. I still couldn't remember when we arrived, and as we walked through the door, I still couldn't remember. What was it?

It was as I reached for my College Swipe Card to get into the building that I remembered what I'd forgotten.

My College Swipe Card.

My friend is too damn lazy to bring his, so he relies on me every morning, to let us in. We had to wait until someone actually decided to come into the building before we could get in. Luckily, that wasn't long.

I also went to see the guidance councilor lady, who got me to do this test thing, where it asks you some questions, and you answer truthfully, then it gives you some careers that might suit you. Let me tell you now, that I wanted to be either a Web Designer or a Computer maintenance guy.

I printed out 5 careers that interested me. The number 1 match was a Computer Applications Programmer. So-so, but the next one really made me open my eyes. Computer Game Programmer.

A bit father down the list was Website Manager, which is kind of what I wanted, then a bit further was Computer Game Designer, so really, I'd be better at making it, than thinking of it. Then, right at the bottom, about 5 spaces upwards, was Website Designer. Dagnabbit. At least I got some great information on it all though!

Sunday, November 16, 2003
Lessons Learnt Today.
1) McMini's are a McRipOff.

2) KFC should have 4 lines.

- I'm Buying For A Family Line.
- I'm Buying For Myself, But I'm A Greedy Bastard Line.
- I Want Some Food Line.
- Hurry The Fuck Up, I'm On A 45 Minute Lunch Break, You Retards!

I'd join line 4.

3) After what I saw, I'd rather NOT take the elevator next time. Being forced to watch a couple grope each other while holding your lunch is NOT a good Before Dinner Sight.

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