Saturday, November 08, 2003
The Machines Are Taking Over!
The phone rang before, and since I'm the only one in the house, I answer it. It's a recording of a guy telling us that our phone number has been selected from the millions of numbers in the directory to recieve and fantastic prize, of either a Mini Cooper, a holiday or a cash prize, and that all I had to do was phone this number.

Guess what I did!

Told the machine "Fuck you, bitch!" and hung up. Harsh, but I hate telemarketers, because they phone when my parents are obviously at work on account that it's 1.00pm, but I hate recordings more.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
At College.

Jason: "God... I can't believe Sam can listen to that music so loud! I'm on the other side of the classroom and I can hear it through his headphones!

Me: "Same, I can't hear my own music!"

Jason: "No, you can't hear it because that Game Boy Advance MP3 player sucks."

Me: "Wow... I saw that one coming from a mile away."

Jason: "Yeah, just like ya mam!"

Me: "Wha?!... Awww... I guess I gotta give that one to you..."

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
At college at the mo, and I almost nodded off during a talk from my tutor...

... How silly of me.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
True Trust.
Yesterday, sitting in the staff room, happily munching on KFC, Susan storms in, slamming the door and slams herself down next to me and folds her arms. Curious, I ask what's wrong.

Susan: "I've not been paid for this week!"

Me: "Did you not get a paycheck?"

Susan: "No!"

Finishing my KFC, I just reply: "Have you actually checked your bank account. Just because you didn't get a pay slip, doesn't mean you haven't been paid."

She just looked really supprised and said "True... But I don't have enough time to get to the cash machine..."

I throw my KFC away into the bin, wash my hands (Because the dumb-ass at KFC didn't put a cleanup tissue in, OR salt.) and she's digging in her purse.

Me: "I thought you didn't have time to go to the cash machine?"

Susan: "How long have you left of your break?"

Me: "Wha? Errr... 20 minutes. Why?"

Susan: (Throwing card at me) "More than enough time. My PIN is ****. Just slip it back in my locker."

Me: "Wha... What?! You actually trust me with your card and PIN?!"

Susan: "I've known you for a year now. I really don't think you're about to rob me. I trust you."

That was the best thing that anyone said to me that night.

I did go and get her a mini statement, although I didn't look at it. I just took it from the machine, wrapped her card in it and put it in my pocket, got back to work and slipped it in her locker. When she checked later, she didn't in fact get paid after all.

But the fact remains is that she trusts me. That's really nice...

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