Friday, October 17, 2003
I'm sick. Sick is not good. I hate being sick, it makes me depressed.

To top it all off, I was alone, at the Trafford Centre, feeling dizzy and with a huge headache, panicking. Ugh...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
What a waste of time...
So, today, there's a Job Fair at the local University, which we have the option to attend or not. Me and my friend decided to go to check out the actual University, not the jobs. Anyway, the coach leaves at 9.30am, so we go to college for 9.00am to try and get some work done.

At 9.30, we wait outside for the coach. It doesn't turn up, and we are the only ones waiting, which gets us suspicious. Anyway, we asked Reception, who didn't know if it had already gone or not. We decided to actually go by ourselves, since the coach was only going to drive around the corner and up the road anyway, so we set off. We get there about 10 minutes later and enter the building. It's filled with Uni students, and there are no signs anywhere saying "Jobs Fair This Way", so, like anyone would, we get a bit... Worried.

Turns out that we were at the wrong campus, and we had to trot another 500 or so metres to the right campus. Anyway, we get there, and the bloody thing doesn't start untill 10.30! After waiting around, the coach with all the people going turns up outside, so we could've saved ourselves a walk and done some more college work. (Plus it was freakin' cold!)

Inside the jobs fair, there were stalls with a load of companys there. Nothing about Uni at all, so we leave. After 3 minutes, we leave. And to top it all off, we get dragged to one side to fill in a stupid "How Was The Visit" form. Under "Any Comments" I just put: "Came looking for Uni stuff - Didn't find it. My job at UCI Cinema's is good enough for me!" What a waste. Didn't even manage to swipe a free pen or anything...

Sunday, October 12, 2003
More Bitching.
Gah! I got the same Taxi driver again today! And yes: He bitched more! Luckily, the idiot didn't realise he had a UCI Manager in the back seat, since I was sharing with two others this time. So while he was saying how much UCI sucks ass, my manager is steaming away.

I'd love to see his face when he recieves payment and maybe a warning or something. :P

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