Saturday, September 20, 2003
Random Company What-now?!
Today I was the target of a Random Company Search. Different. So, despite a female Team Leader's rousing chorus of "Strip! Strip! Strip!", I emptied my pockets.

- A pen
- Performance Schedule
- Cast Member Awards Voting Sheet
- Bus Ticket (Whoops!)
- 55 pence (Found in various theatres, no time to hand in)
- Locker Key

They were impressed, to say the least, except about the money bit. I just got told that I wasn't supposed to carry money on me, so I shunned the money over to them and said "I found it and was going to hand it in now anyway."

And then, if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I got pulled up to the Office to talk about an absence I had, which I had already explained. Basically, they wanted me working the same time as I was supposed to be in college. It's not my fault the college time table changed on the same day the shifts went out. To make matters worse, it's going on my "Company Record". Great.

In better news, Spirited Away is an awesome film. If you like Animé, then there's no exception not to see it. I purchased the soundtrack today, it's simply that good.

Spirited Away is awondrouss fantasy about a young girl, Chihiro, trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free herself and return her family to the outside world.

Also in other news:

My PC is now a Server on the Internet. Or at least it is when turned on. I've been giving out Server space to certain people as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2003
"Rip It All To Shred's And Let It Go!"
So I was coming back off my break, and I had my Gameboy mp3 cartridge in, and was listening to Garbage: When I Grow Up. So I walk in the foyeh, and Nakisha (Pretty cute girl) was walking past, and says "Hi!"

Instead of saying "Hi!" back, I said the last thing I had heard, which was Garbage singing "Rip it all to shred's and let it go!" She gave me a funny look, and I just walked off embarrassed.

I hate getting my words mixed up.

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