Friday, September 12, 2003
Stood in McDonald's on my College Dinner hour (Or 2 hours, as this one is.) and my friends have their dinner, and go upstairs. I'm still waiting for my Plain Burger, (Meat is the only thing that should be on a Burger.) when I see my friend messing with his camera phone, up on the second floor. I shout up to him to take a picture of me. He asks why, and I just pull a stupid face as an answer. He gets the idea, and holds his camera phone up. After waiting for 15 seconds making this stupid face, I realize he hasn't taken the picture, and I have a bunch of people staring at me.

Turns out he just let me make a complete ass of myself, in the middle of McDonald's dinner rush.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Pirates Of The Caribbean.
And so, here is my (Rather belated) short review of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Pirates is one of those films, that you hear about in trailers, but think: "Man, that looks sucky." Then, maybe you hear a few people saying how good it is, so you get an interest. Someone then says "It's 3 hours long." so you go back to thinking it's sucky.

It is not sucky. It is, in fact, rather good.

I, myself, admit to putting it off for a long time, but finally, I trade in my Free Passes for 3 tickets for myself and 2 friends, who promtly sit down to watch it. Even at the start, there is action. Johnny Depp makes a good Captain, even if his character was slightly insane with his movements.

Basically, go see this film. It had an ending that even I didn't see coming. That's saying something. I remained oblivious to the curse until I realized that Jack Sparrow hadn't died.

Just go see it.

Monday, September 08, 2003
Tommorrow brings work. LOTS of work.
College! Boo! Gotta be up early for that.

Today hasn't been so bad, I guess. Downloaded Princess Mononoke for a friend and burnt it to CD. Slipped it in her locker at work. She'll get it Thursday.

Box Office has been great. Can't wait for my next shift.

And the way home, the Minibus driver was telling us all about his Electric Shock experience, with serveral F's thrown in unnessesarily. We were also enlightned by his sudden outburst of "What the bloody hell are you doing? Go back to driving school, bitch." when someone cut him off. Rather hilarious.

Sunday, September 07, 2003
There goes the rest of the night.

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