Friday, August 22, 2003
So, I added music here because, let's face it, the world needs sound. That is just a small clip from the hit Animé sensation: Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was going to put a midi up, but then thought: "No, that midi sucks." so instead I made an mp3 which is only slightly larger in file size, so loading won't be a problem... I hope. Not for me anyway, I checked it. Anyhoo, yeah, that's all really.

Thursday, August 21, 2003
Seems that Blogger doesn't do comments, so I've had to enlist outside help. Which is more HTML headaches. Before work as well! Hoo boy. Anyway, bam, there it is. Now you can leave feedback. And some money. Yeah, leave me some money as well.

Talking of which, seems my parents lil' investment on me paid off big time. It's one of those policy things that they pay for a about 12 years, then I get a lump sum depending on Interest and such. Basically, it doubled. That's nice to know.

Anyway, time for work. I can't believe I agreed to take this shift off someone, because now I can't go and re-regester for my college course! I'll have to go tommorrow or something. I can't believe I forgot about something that important.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Layout Changes Give Me Headaches
Editing raw HTML gives me a headache. Especially if it's not something I've done myself. Trying to find out which Div tag is which makes me want a nice cold drink to numb my brain from the horrors of someone else's coding. I finally figured a way around it though. Paste the whole thing into Microsoft Frontpage. I'm a genuis! Yeah, so it's not fantastic, and the pic isn't paticulaly good... Could've made the logo a tad better... But hey, I'll do it again some other day.

In other news, my parents took me to IKEA to get me a new shelf. Wow... A shelf. Yeah, anyway, so this girl walks past carrying two plastic jugs. I was so tempted to say: "Hey... I like your juggs." but I decided against it. Instead, me and my father set every single egg timer in a big basket to go off in 5 minutes, then scooted off. We never did stick around to hear them ring. Ah well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
My First Entry
Wow, that sounded like some kind of child's toy, like, My First Tricycle or something! Yeesh!

Anyway, yes, this is my first entry in this blog. I want to point out that I also have a Deadjournal in my name, but I can't see that one being used for the rest of my life. I doubt Solorfrog will live past 20/21-ish, which is only about 2-4 years. Shame. =(

Anyway, I'll be using this one for more serious entries, so don't think I'm just going to let this die. Anyway, I'm about to grab a shower and go to Counter Violence Training that my job requires I do. That's right, I work at a cinema. Anyway, I'll be having that shower now.

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